The Ultimate Customer Guide: Learn the Trending Camping Tents for 2017

Camping is a favorite family activity. In this recreation, family members can enjoy the beauty of nature, take a relaxing time from the city bustle and have a breath of fresh air. A family can make camping more exciting and fun for the kids by engaging in games and sports. For example, if you are planning on a spring camping, you can go for hunting, team building activities or treasure hunt. On the other hand, if you are looking for extreme situations, why not go for winter camping? There are many activities one can do in this kind of climate like skiing and skating.


Camping with family and friends does not only imply to have fun. In this activity, the bond between families are stronger and most of all, family members will have time to share their thoughts while having dinner with a bonfire lighting their night.


This activity entails an overnight stay in camping grounds. Thus, a family will require a tent to shelter them during nighttime. A tent is necessary and essential in a camping activity. A tent has to be sturdy and resistant to environmental factors such as strong winds and cold temperature. Today, there are many brands and types of tents at the market. Each of these products has qualities that are fit for a particular kind of camping and family size.


Now, with the start of a New Year, here is good news for the resident adventure seekers and avid campers. The market has launched the leading tent ratings for 2017! This rating shows the top six best seller camping tents to guide the customers on the right choices.


1.    Kelty Acadia 4-Person Tent - with freestanding design, this tent is stable in all forms of weather condition and terrain.

2.    Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent - a lightweight tent which makes transporting the equipment convenient. It is durable featuring waterproof and fire retardant polyester.

3.    Wenzel Great Basin Tent - this tent can house ten persons. With shock-corded fiberglass poles, the tent is easy to set-up. This product comes in with stakes, gear loft, two hanging pockets and a storage duffel.

4.    Coleman Instant 8-person tent - this tent has a spacious room accommodating eight persons and two rooms having the total measurement of 14 x 10 feet at the base and 6 x 5 feet inches' height at the center. The unique quality of the product is its exclusive Weather-Tec system.

5.    NTK Cherokee GT- this tent is designed for 8-9 persons with a detachable room divider, two doors, three windows with quickly assemble poles. This camping tent has a mosquito mesh to keep the campers safe from mosquito and other insect bites.

6.    NTK Super Arizona GT- this product has spacious enough to give room to 12 persons. It has a 100% NANO-Flex shock-corded fiberglass rods with durable features.

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